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Submit a carricature

We offer you putting the carricature in a popular NFT market, automating the gains on selling in your crypto-wallet. We offer you gaining on sells on the derivated videos created out of the carricature.



We generate animations.

Thanks to our AI-powered algorithms, we generate automatically erivated animated videos from the carriture with various expressions.


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We add voice-over

We allow anyone enriching the animated videos with any sayings for entertainement.


Submit a caricature


  1. Select your master piece caricature image (Square size - min. 256x256 - max 2MB)
  2. Give it the name of the caricatured person
  3. Select the category of the caricatured person

Send your caricature clicking on the Submit button. We will generate the animated version and notify you on your email as soon as ready.